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For more than 25 years, Entertainment Marketing Group has helped brands successfully navigate the waters of marketing and advertising in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

With our world-class network of partners and our team of in-house experts, our clients are able to take full advantage of promotional opportunities in television, radio, retail and a variety of digital platforms, as well as with additional promotional avenues not commonly offered at traditional media firms and agencies. We also initiate unique marketing campaigns at libraries for children’s titles, at comic bookstores for popular video games and films and at restaurants for family night programs.

With our assistance, brands across the entertainment spectrum are able to create more awareness and increase sales, thereby allowing their businesses to grow exponentially.

Our Services

We are able to execute a wide array of radio promotions (all formats), television promotions (local/MSO cable), nationally syndicated show integrations and ads for podcast and social media. We also maintain many partnerships in the retail space, and curate events for promotions nationally and internationally via sweepstakes, giveaways and product debuts.

Additionally, we have developed self-improvement programs with fundraising initiatives for PBS and have created a specialized, two-minute daily program called Insight Daily Radio (IDR) to promote a variety of brands and products on both national public radio and commercial radio stations.

EMG provides promotional services for platforms such as:


And more!

Our Clients

We service a plethora of entertainment and brand verticals. We have collaborated with studios on theatrical, streaming and television programs, and have worked with record labels across all genres, including country, pop and rock.

Other popular verticals include our network of book publishers for both children’s and adult publications, as well as our efforts with a variety of gaming companies, which involve advertising on console and media platforms. We also work with several home electronic companies and toy manufacturers.

Our Partners

We have partnered with many reputable companies in the travel, air, hotel, rent-a-car, electronics, restaurant, movie theater, magazine, kids activity center, comic bookstore, urban hair/beauty, and the surf & skate spaces. Our promotional campaigns with these partners have netted millions of dollars in profit.

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